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New Patients

The Comfort Zone Process

Your first appointment with us will be your consultation. This involves talking to your Chiropractor about your condition, including a complete medical history.

The next stage is the diagnosis, where, if we feel chiropractic treatment is right for you, we give you an approximation of how many treatment sessions will be needed.

Finally, the treatment – specially chosen for your problem, you will be carefully guided through each stage and it will be explained why each particular treatment has been chosen.

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Back Pain

Booking Details For New Patients

1. In the clinic we treat a number of muscle-joint problems. We need the first appointment to see if chiropractic treatment is appropriate or whether you need referring to another professional.

2. We have unfortunately experienced missed new patient appointments in the past so therefore require your payment of £70 before your session. This prepaid charge can be done over the phone or in person. This is non-refundable unless 24 hours notice given before the appointment.

Subsequent payment of £47 per session can then be paid when you attend.

3. To aid us to give you the best experience from your appointment we ask:

  • Please phone to cancel if you unwell and especially if you have any cold like symptoms.
  • If you have medical problems please let us know when booking as certain conditions mean that some patients will need to be booked in at the start of the day, where no/fewer/patients have been into the clinic.
  • When attending your appointment:
    • Guidelines are that we do not need to wear masks; If however if you or someone close to you are deemed vulnerable let us know and then we can wear masks when you attend.
    • Try to come close to your time so less waiting for you.
    • Please use our hand sanitizer on entering the clinic.